Watercooler Coaching Tips : Part 4 : How to develop your VITAL energy

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Our energy determines the impact that we have on ourselves, those around us and what we achieve on a daily basis, below are some tips to develop your VITAL energy.


Personal intent to improve, a high level of enjoyment and optimism, love of possibilities, and taking the initiative.

To develop your vital energy, explore what excites and motivates you. Energy comes from activities we enjoy. Can you increase the frequency of the activities that boost your energy?

Engagement & Accountability

Taking accountability for yourself and the wider team.

To develop your vital energy, get committed to stretch goals. Engage with others and think about how you persuade and influence. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Imagine what they want to accomplish and marshal your arguments.

Team Work

Working collaboratively, and being positive about your team

To develop your vital energy, actively listen to people in meetings. Build on the discussion and if you disagree, highlight a positive first, then express your view. Creating connections across your business expands your “team” and your opinions will be more highly valued.

Openness & Confidence

Integrating new possibilities and ideas for the future.

To develop your vital energy, activate ideas that move the business forward. Be confident about change. Successful vital energy people manage up, and embrace the talent of their team and colleagues. They are open to coaching and mentoring.

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