Watercooler Coaching Tips Part 3 : GROW model for coaching

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GROW is one of the most popular and straightforward coaching frameworks . It is part of the tool bag of models that Huntwood, and most other coaching businesses, use for 1×1’s and a great concept as core content in a Coaching Skills for Managers course. In that context GROW is easy to demonstrate, and a memorable framework to use with your team.

We would like to share some of the principles, and provide an easy guide to Managers, on how to get started using the GROW model to coach their team

GROW History

Sir John Whitmore was a pioneer of coaching in the workplace in the early 1980’s and creator of the GROW model. His core philosophy was that coaching is not a technique to be wheeled out under specific circumstances, but a way of managing people.

The GROW framework provides a sequence of questions for the Manager to ask the team member in order to get under the skin of their challenges, facilitate clarity of purpose and create a plan for success.

These questions help the team member to build awareness, by identifying exactly what the problmanagerem is, to understand what would be a great result, to think about the different ways they might find a resolution and who might assist. And finally to take responsibility for the robust action plan.

Try these GROW questions to get you started

Define the GOAL – your aim is to get the person to be really specific

1..    What specifically do you want to achieve?

2.    How will you measure it? Are there milestones?

3.    In what way will it be of value?

4.    What is under your control

5.    Can you express in a positive, active format

What is the current REALITY

1.    What have you already tried? Can you be really specific about those actions?

2.    How did this progress your goal?

3.    Who else is involved?

4.    What obstacles are holding you back? External circumstances or your own belief and they can be rational or emotional

5.    What is really holding you back?

What are the OPTIONS

1.    What could you do at this stage?

2.    What has worked before in similar situations?

3.    Who could help?

4.    What else could you do (ask this question 3 times!)

5.    Can you set out the benefits /costs of the options?

WHAT WILL you do and WHEN

1.    Which options are you going to choose?

2.    What is your level of commitment – score 1- 10?

3. If your score is less than 10, what prevents it being a 10? Will you do it?

4. What will stop you?

5. What/when is your next step?

What are the benefits when the Manager coaches their team? 

  • Increases performance and brings out the best in the team
  • Empowers and builds awareness
  • Improves individual and team skills
  • The Manager gains a team who take responsibility for their actions and business results

We hope you found the introduction to the GROW model helpful

Our services include:

  • Coaching Skills courses
  • Results focused coaching for Managers and Teams
  •  We also offer free 1×1 taster coaching sessions for new client companies

For more details on how to use the GROW model and a more extensive GROW question set then please drop me a line.

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