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The goal setting process was useful in itself in terms of crystallising what I wanted to achieve and was extended in a fluid way so that we were continually re-evaluating progress and objectives as they were achieved or as they evolved.

Section Head, Media Section Head, Media

She asked probing questions that force you to think……leading you to the real nuggets for change in a way you can own.

Treasurer, Energy Treasurer, Energy

Business coaching can be a hugely under-rated area and I would urge anyone considering it to find the time to commit. Working with the talented and very professional Lollie Tuckey, I found the insights both business and personal hugely valuable.

Sales Director Financial services Sales Director Financial services

Managing upwards is one of the trickiest business relationships to master. We worked on how to improve my conversations with my boss. Hand on heart I can now say that my boss and I now have the best working relationship I’ve ever had.

EVP, Media EVP, Media

The biggest business benefit for me was that I was able to discuss sensitive and sometimes complex issues within my team or organisation, objectively and candidly. Often it was difficult to talk about these with anyone else in work as they would be biased / to close / impacted etc. This meant I reached better decisions faster.

Director, Telecoms Director, Telecoms

Her help with managerial advice helped to open the closed doors of ‘non or mis-communications’ that we sometimes find ourselves locked out of.

Head of Department, Media Head of Department, Media

We worked on upgrading my thinking from short term to more strategic. The outcome of this evolved perspective led to delivery of the business in an innovative and more profitable way, something beyond the scope of the traditional model.

National Sales Manager, Global Pharmaceutical National Sales Manager, Global Pharmaceutical

Every piece of feedback without exception has been positive…we very much hope you will continue to be a business partner with us.

Head of Learning and Development, Media Head of Learning and Development, Media

Lollie has an uncanny knack of reading people and situations quickly and accurately – adding huge value in facilitation of meetings.

Treasurer, Global Oil and Gas Treasurer, Global Oil and Gas

They designed and delivered Career development workshops for all our 150 staff in the Commercial Division, ensuring the new process was welcomed in a positive manner.

Executive Director, Media Executive Director, Media

Very impressed with Gavin, brilliant guy.

Head of Learning and Development, Public Sector Head of Learning and Development, Public Sector

Gavin offered a different perspective and theories to an important topic…influencing

Sales Executive, Media Sales Executive, Media

Lollie is exceptionally good at dealing with senior leaders in large organisations.

EVP Media EVP Media

I’ve greatly enjoyed a year of one-to-one coaching with Lollie. In what has been an eventful and challenging 12 months, each of our sessions gave me a clearer sense of my key objectives at work and a greater confidence that I could meet them. Lollie was always on hand to question my assumptions and provide a fresh, intelligent perspective on whatever we have discussed. I’ve definitely performed better this year in my job as a result of her coaching.

Section Head, Media Section Head, Media