Build Your Resilience

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Brexit Brexit Brexit. It is dominating so much of our news and lives at the moment. And causing considerable stress as people and companies feel uncertain about the future, what will be possible, what will be allowed?

It seems to be impacting on all our lives. And we are all responding differently. Some of us are immersing ourselves in every detail of the Brexit process, unable to turn off or tune out of the news feeds. Others are skipping those pages, deleting the alerts. Seven MPs recently dealt with the uncertainty by leaving the Labour Party.  Shortly followed by others from both sides of the House.

And uncertainty in your business and personal life can also cause stress. What can make us feel better, reduce the stress and increase our resilience?

We’ve recently worked with Fashion Rider to produce a report sharing our tips on how to build your resilience.  To view the full report you can download the report here.

Huntwood Associates can help you to build resilience programmes and provide guidance on stress management – please get in touch to find out more.

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