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We’ve recently worked with Fashion Rider to produce a report on how to manage stress at work.

In 2016/17 Stress, depression or anxiety were the cause of 12. 5 million working days lost (HSE).  But you and your business can take action to support yourself and to successfully manage stress levels.

You can build your personal resilience by becoming more aware of what causes you stress as an individual. And then it is well worth experimenting with some of our ten coping tips. Find the ones that really work for you.

Many teams are experiencing stress caused by overwork, change, and challenging commercial environments. As a Manager you can equip yourself to minimise the causes of stress in your team. Your aim will be to keep open the lines of communication and offer clarity about your expectations of people. Research tells us that positive appreciation is the nutrition of the workplace, so keep up with the constructive feedback.

To view the full report for tips on how to manage stress you can download the full report here.

Everyone has stress, and indeed stress can drive our organisations and business. But it can get out of control. We need to find ways to use the good stress – that gets us excited, passionate and inspires us to push the boundaries – and eliminate the unproductive, bad stress

Huntwood Associates can help with wellbeing programmes and stress management – get in touch to find out more.

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