Nanette Gibb

Nanette is a skilled and highly commercial executive coach who uses a practical, no-nonsense and enabling style of coaching to empower and grow her clients into more resilient, confident and inspiring business leaders.

She previously worked for a number of years as human resources & board director, partnering and supporting challenged businesses and leaders (within media, real estate and travel) to survive and succeed. She therefore brings extensive personal insight and understanding of the imperative to equip leaders with the skills, behaviors and courage to adapt and deliver, no matter what’s going on around them.

Nanette is driven and passionate about unraveling and making the difference that really matters to her clients, even if this isn’t obvious to them at the start of their journey with her.

Key coaching areas include:

  • Enhancing impact, credibility and purpose of boards and senior leaders
  • Developing managers into skilled navigators and negotiators – with the ability to sail through unchartered, shark infested waters, with all stakeholders safely on board
  • Sparring partner and confidante – shaking trees to promote clarity & mobility of thinking when it’s needed most
  • Breaking down siloed thinking  – developing joined up, accountable & aligned working, delivering powerful results
  • Equipping managers to become inspiring role models, developing high performing teams
  • Creating a positive & purposeful individual ‘personal brand’, point of difference and messaging
  • Career transitioning – supporting imposed or personally driven career change to achieve powerful outcomes

Nanette judges her success and ROI on delivering tangible and sustainable results for her clients.

People who work with Nanette describe her as refreshingly different, fun and inspiring to work with, empathetic with substance, direct but not directive and  results-driven.