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Gavin has trained and coached over 10,000 people around the world, from New York to Delhi, London to Sydney. Having worked with so many different people, he has picked up a few clues about what makes us tick

From nuclear scientists to newly appointed managers, directors to diplomats, Gavin has had the privilege of working with thousands of highly successful people on a wide range of personal development issues

Coaching approach

Typically his coaching programme runs for 4 to 6 sessions, blending pragmatic tactical solutions with cutting edge psychometrics /drivers of motivation and a real understanding of resilience

Management development programmes

Gavin has a unique style in running leadership and management programmes, blending group working with express individual coaching. His practical thinking and insights change attitudes, increase management skills and improve performance. He inspires people to work differently and be successful

Gavin’s management development programmes score 90% plus top rating from delegates


Wellbeing is a serious business for Huntwood Associates. Its benefits can be felt in all aspects of organisational life including the way we act, feel and perform. Gavin’s “lake of resilience” model and use of the “5 ways” have been warmly adopted by the many people he has worked with. After all it’s very difficult to come across as a credible leader when you are running on empty!


Gavin is a popular keynote speaker on areas of motivation and unusually is capable of delivering large group Myers Briggs® conference sessions.


Gavin has recently published his first book “which way do you open your banana? A guide to motivation, happiness, success & resilience


Recent clients who achieved success with Gavin

Clients say they find him “a breath of fresh air”, with ideas and approaches that deliver outstanding results


CEO Public Sector

Fast-tracked into first CEO role build.  Built high performance exec team

Head of editorial 

Developed effective working relations across corporate divisions

Senior exec IT company

Sorted anger management. Improved ability to create collaborative business relationships

Head of film

Now successfully manages destructive stress responses. Learnt new resilience techniques

Ops manager

Thanks Gavin, I can safely say that the training you delivered was some of the most valuable I have ever attended. I use a lot of it on a daily basis. Thanks again for everything! All the best.”

Media sales manager

This was the most amazing course to be part of and you’re the best trainer! seriously! Thanks so much for everything

Manager, newspaper group

It was a brilliant course I got a lot out of and a real pleasure to meet you

IT manager

Thanks  – yours was a really great course, best I’ve done around managing yourself (which is really all there is to managing others). All the best
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