Beverley McMaster







The world is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex, increasing the challenges facing every leader at every level.   Leaders and managers are tasked with adapting quickly to relentless change whilst at the same time remaining steady, confident and decisive

Focused, committed and caring are the words that describe Beverley’s coaching style.  She combines warmth and curiosity to the relationships with her clients providing the space for them to be able to access the best of themselves, create smart new choices, solutions and actions

Beverley helps leaders grow their resilience in the face of uncertainty and unhook themselves from unhelpful patterns.  With her support they create strategies to achieve their most valued goals

Her industry background is diverse, having worked in retail, manufacturing and utilities.    She has worked with clients from these sectors as well as insurance, consulting and engineering

Prior to pursuing executive coaching as a career she held senior HR roles for two decades working for household names such as Nestle Purina and Tesco.  Her last role was with Carphone Warehouse as head of HR for Europe.  She has worked in matrix settings, and lived and worked abroad

Typically clients work with Beverley to help them

  • Build more productive and effective work relationships
  • Manage teams more effectively and with greater clarity
  • Bring purpose and focus to their leadership intentions and actions
  • Move away from states of overwhelm, frustration, even anger to a more calm, focused and poised way of being
  • Develop gravitas, stature and a deeper self-assured confidence

Ultimately clients learn to have greater impact, improved communication and presence enabling them to remain steady, confident and decisive in increasingly challenging business environments

In the last 12 months, Beverley has coached leaders, managers, directors in media, financial services and retail and NFP. In one company she fed back 360 and coached 80 managers