Shona Radford








Shona is a practical, business-focused coach who helps clients to improve the way they work and communicate. She is results focused and spends time understanding the real outcomes, change and results that clients and their businesses want

Shona’s marketing background provides powerful tools to tackle complex, live business issues. She helps people to gain crystal clarity on their key priorities, “see the wood as well as the trees” and to understand the enablers and challenges that will deliver results. She is a strategy specialist

She has been at the sharp end of business, starting her career with 15+ years of marketing, sales and general management with Mars, UB Brands and Unilever. Her experience includes consumer and trade marketing responsibility for the Mars UK impulse brands portfolio, as well as General Manager for their ice cream business

Over the last 20 years, she has worked with media companies, FMCG, financial services, the pharmaceutical industry and service agencies to help individuals and teams develop and achieve their business goals

With a high level of personal energy and drive, Shona understands the value of energy, engagement and alignment in business. She has been involved in the development of Huntwood Four Energy Optimiser (4EO)

Shona has developed a number of practical and engaging workshops to help managers identify and manage stress in their teams and stressbusters for all

Shona is an expert team and one-to-one coach for clients who wish to:
• Achieve their goals
• Improve their communications skills internally and externally
• Identify and manage their stakeholder relationships – getting onto the same page
• Focus on the future
• Make great decisions
• Be creative in their problem solving
• Prioritise and deliver
• Find common ground to work with different types of people
Gain clarity about their next steps

She has been described as:

 “Invaluable in helping to identify priorities”
(Director, Property Investment)

“Incredibly easy to work with – her energy is infectious”
(Director, Service Agency)
07976 360139